Higher Performance From Your Manual Flaps !

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FAA Approved on all 4 Seat
Cessna - Piper - Maule - Stinson - Beechcraft
With Manual Flaps

EZ Flap is the high performance upgrade for aircraft using “manual” flaps that gives you more & better flap control, better STOL performance, greatly improved situational awareness, and a significant improvement in safety.

EZ Flap’s extended pistol grip finally allows the safe use of advanced high performance flap techniques, yielding better takeoff and landing performance, at the same time as improvements in comfort and cockpit workload.

Because EZ Flap puts the flap control at the correct location close to the yoke (instead of down on the floor under the panel), pilots can finally remain upright while using the flaps, and stay focused on takeoff/landing, obstacles, terrain, traffic, and instrument scan. No more bending over-no more loss of visibility.

REGARDLESS of “inertia reels”, fixed harnesses, or no shoulder harness at all… you are guaranteed to have faster, better, and more precise control of your flaps.

It makes an amazing difference when the flap control is in the right position!  Money Back if you don’t love it on the very first flight.

EZ Flap mounts to the existing aircraft flap handle with no dis-assembly and no de-rigging in 20-40 minutes, with only two small screw holes. The original aircraft flap control remains fully functional. Full FAA STC-PMA approval on 95% of all US manual flap aircraft.

  • More Performance - More Safety - More Control - More Visibility

  • No Distractions During Takeoff & Landing

  • Sit Upright - eyes out of the cockpit - face out of the panel

  • No more bending forward and down for the flap handle

Pilot's Forward Visibility
Piper PA-28-180
(Flap Handle Between Seats)

Without EZ Flap                                                   With EZ Flap
leaning forward gammaSitting_Upright_Gamma

Order EZ Flap Now - 100% Money Back if You Don't Love It!

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FAA STC-PMA    STC SA02246LA   Only $499
See "How to Order" page for full approved model list 

100% Proudly Made in the USA

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