1) Experimental Test Pilot USAF, Edwards AFB CA
Lt. Col. Jim Payne, USAF (ret.) 1957 Cessna 182

“My wife and I have owned a Cessna 182A for 11 years. Against my wishes she has refused to wear the shoulder harness when piloting the 182 because the harness prevented her from reaching the flap handle. We are both 6 feet tall and still had to lean down and forward to reach the flap handle. The “EZ Flap” handle extension has solved this problem, making both of us very happy.

We can now lower and raise the flaps from either seat without large head movements that distract attention or induce vertigo when flying in IMC.

The EZ Flap Handle is the perfect upgrade for airplanes with manual flaps. It is simple, effective, and enhances safety. It doesn’t make any sense to sacrifice visibility or situational awareness on takeoff, landing or instrument flight by reaching down for the flap handle on the floor. Installing the EZ Flap immediately solved these issues in our aircraft.

Only after we flew with this upgrade did we realize how inconvenient the flaps were before. I wonder why it took so long for someone to come up with the idea for this upgrade.”

jeff 180 without jeff 180 with

2) Human Factors Test and Evaluation Specialist, Seattle WA
High Time 180 Pilot after installation/ground/flight test using 1954 Cessna 180


“I spent a great deal of time evaluating the hardware and looking for flaws and for improvements, but thus far, haven't found any.

"…for someone that thought that his mind was pretty much made up from the git-go, I was surprised at how useful this product would be. While my frame is pretty tall, with 34-35 inch arms, I could still see the benefits in using the EZ Flap Handle Extension. My eyes never had to leave the approach path to the runway, as my hand found the conveniently placed handle to actuate the flaps.

"…this product made a vast difference in both safety and ease of operation.”


3) Combat Helicopter Veteran, 10,000 hours+ fixed and rotary wing. 1956 Cessna 182
Bill Reid, Las Vegas NV 40+ years A&P / IA
(excerpt from his Cessna Pilots Association magazine article 11-09)

“I had to hand it to Bill, his little gizmo let me use the flaps and the shoulder harness at the same time, which I hadn’t been able to do.

"… the “flight test” quickly showed that the EZ Flap device did in the air exactly what it promised on the ground. For the first time I can remember, I was able to wear my shoulder harness tight and still operate the 182’s flaps. Deploying and retracting them while airborne brought a big grin to my face, because it was now effortless to do. No more leaning forward, no more altitude loss from bumping into the yoke, no more breaking my concentration or moments of lost visibility.

"The little EZ Flap device is a simple, good idea that works. It didn’t make my trusty old workhorse 182 any prettier or any faster, but the airplane was significantly safer with it. The manual flaps are much easier and more convenient to operate with this device installed.”


jeff rear view without jeff rear view with

4) Owner of same 1954 Cessna 180 for 30 years, off-road race car transaxle designer

Cessna 180 flight test of second prototype unit

Quote made 15 seconds into the first takeoff after easily and slowly retracting the flaps on climb-out without leaning forward or taking his eyes off where he was flying: “I like it already! That thing works…”

Quote after first landing: “That was the first time in 30 years that I didn’t have to take my eyes off the touchdown and landing zone on final.”

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