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1) The Harness

You’re coming in for a perfectly normal landing at the municipal airport. You’re wearing your standard shoulder harness properly for safety. The time comes to put the flaps down, but your shoulder harness prevents you from reaching the Cessna flap handle… you can’t get your hand anywhere near the handle. So in order to reach it you have to loosen or remove the shoulder harness for landing, which means you’re not getting any safety benefit from it. A large percentage of aircraft accidents are on landing, and many of those accidents are survivable if you can make use of the shoulder harness. But you can’t use it properly and reach the flap handle at the same time. Even an "inertia reel" harness can lock up and stop you from reaching the flap handle if you lean forward too fast.

With EZ Flap, even an inexpensive "standard" shoulder harness can save your life like it’s supposed to!

2) Visibility

You’re landing in crowded airspace, and your primary job is to not get hit by another airplane. Your instructor told you a hundred times statistics show the majority of mid-air collisions happen in the traffic pattern! But even with an “inertia reel” type harness, you have to lean forward, take your focus off of flying your airplane, look down under the panel and reach for the flaps. So who’s landing the airplane or watching out for traffic in these critical moments?

With EZ Flap your head is always outside the cockpit for safety!

3) The Take-Off

You’re doing a short field or soft field takeoff. The right procedure is to either take off using flaps and then retract the flaps carefully as you accelerate to best climb speed… or accelerate on the runway as fast as you can and then deploy the flaps at minimum takeoff speed for the shortest ground roll. If you’re wearing a standard shoulder harness correctly, you just can’t do it.

If you’re not wearing a harness, or even if you have the “inertia reel” shoulder harness, you have to lean forward, put your head nearly into the panel, lose visibility, and take your eyes and your concentration off of flying the airplane.
Instead of concentrating on not whacking that 50 foot Pine tree while you’re low and slow, you have to go under the panel to grab the flap handle.

And WORSE YET, you’re supposed to slowly retract the flaps as you accelerate to keep the plane from losing lift. But to do that, you’d have to stay in that unsafe position to “milk the flaps back up slowly”.

Do you really want to be concentrating on the flap handle and leaning on the control yoke when you’re at maximum lift/minimum speed, a few feet above the ground, and dodging that tree?

With EZ Flap you can get the most out of your airplane and put your concentration where it is really needed!

4) Hello Vertigo

You’re in IFR, night, and/or turbulent conditions, concentrating on the approach. It’s been a long, rough flight, you’re fighting fatigue and maybe a little queasiness from that Pepperoni pizza. You know it’s a medical fact that in these conditions leaning back and forth in the cockpit rapidly can set off vertigo, dizziness, or spatial disorientation. But when it’s time to put the flaps out, you have to go “bobbing for apples” under the panel to get that damn flap handle.

With EZ Flap, you can keep your head feeling like it’s screwed on straight!  
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5) Landing Short 

You’re landing on a short, narrow strip. You know you have to "dump" the flaps off after touchdown for maximum brake authority. But leaning down to dump off the flaps makes you take your eyes off of where you just landed. It's also very easy to lean on the right rudder.  So just as you touch down on a short back country strip, you lose all your visibility and accidentally apply right rudder at the same time.
Who's keeping the airplane from veering into that gopher hole while you're busy with the flaps?

EZ Flap allows you to sit up straight and watch where you're going
while you retract the flaps on landing.

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